Disaster Nursing Committees

Advisory Committee

Serve as experts, guide the strategic vision, and lend their voice and visibility to the Disaster Nursing Call to Action.

Executive Committee

Guided by the strategic vision as set forth by the Advisory Committee, the Executive Committee will collaborate with the workgroups to operationalize recommendations and track progress.

Facilitate the process for recruitment of member for the working groups.

Expert Topic Workgroups

 Nursing Practice

Promote health care and related organizations support of clinical nursing practice to reflect crisis standards of care.

Encourage nurse leaders to advance the practice of disaster nursing and public health emergency preparedness/response.


Review national policies and planning documents to ensure that they prioritize the practice of disaster nursing in federal, state and local emergency management operations.

Encourage a culture of volunteerism.

Facilitate timely and efficient deployment of nurses and other healthcare workers to disaster areas


Establish a research agenda based on a thorough needs assessment to document gaps in the literature, nursing knowledge and skills, and available resources.

Expand research methods to include interventional studies, using both quantitative and qualitative designs.

Increase the number of doctoral-level nurse scientists serving as principal investigators on disaster research


Develop a national set of disaster nursing competencies to be integrated into the AACN Essentials of Nursing and NLN Guidelines for Nursing.

Establish coalitions of schools of nursing to develop evidence-based and competency driven didactic and clinical learning opportunities.

Establish a national clearinghouse of information on disaster nursing

 Dissemination (Technology & Communications)

Create, facilitate, and disseminate communications using multimedia and web-based tools to promote the efforts of the Executive and Expert Topic Committees