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These toolkits were established through a collaborative process among nine stakeholder organizations and build on the existing Call to Action initiative to advance national nurse readiness for disasters/ public health emergencies that began over a year ago (Veenema, et. al, 2016). Drawing on our relationships and expertise, in consultation with CDC and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing we are providing training that promotes a population health approach to disaster preparedness and response in both content and pedagogy. The project will strengthen the capacity of the primary care and public health workforces to improve population health for those impacted by disasters by expanding training availability,  implementing training in primary care education,  and disseminating the toolkit.

Toolkit Focus

Our population health focus for chronic disease and disaster preparedness involves the following key components: (1) Conducting a survey-based needs assessment of public health schools and primary care training programs,  for disaster preparedness  and response, (2)  Convening key stakeholders to review current population health competencies and identify current resources and curricular needs, including one meeting in Atlanta to review and collate resources, identify remaining gaps, and develop a collaborative dissemination plan, (3) Creating, curating and disseminating  a toolkit that includes: (a) Written population  health curricular training materials for partnership-based  disaster preparedness  and response, with both core  content and educational methods, (b) Related online curriculum content that can be supported by the Practical Playbook’s website as workforce development/training resources, (c) New success stories around the Flint water crisis, Zika, 9/11 Air Particulates, and other emerging public health and infectious disease emergencies  to be developed  via the Practical Playbook,  and (4) Developing and implementing  a workshop focused on collaboration  and partnership-centered  approaches to disaster preparedness  and  response.


The overarching goal of this project is to address the impact of population health in chronic disease and emergency management through the creation of toolkits that can be used for primary care provider training and are part of the creative commons. We will accomplish this by building collaborations between academic medical centers, schools of public health, state innovation model sites, state/local health departments, and health systems and by providing training that promotes a public and population health approach in our collective curriculum and training pedagogies.

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